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Online Course:

Learn to accompany your child's emotions so that the situation relaxes immediately!

For parents and educational professionals of children between

0-10 years.


For many adults, it is a challenge to maintain an overview in emotional situations with their children. It is particularly difficult for us to understand what the child needs and to act accordingly when their behavior is challenging.


When children cry, are angry or even hit us, we feel anxious or doubt whether we are doing everything right. We are annoyed by the constant outbursts of anger and conflicts. 


If we look at the child's behavior from an attachment perspective, we can better recognize what a child needs in such moments. Knowing how their nervous system works is essential for the development of self-regulatory skills. This is the only way a child can calm down and relax again after an emotional situation.


Support your child during this sensitive time and benefit from comprehensive knowledge from research and over 20 years of practical experience. It really does make a difference!



Feedback from a participant:


"Would love to turn back time and work with the knowledge again on the postpartum period to tell all the mothers about it. I think it's a shame that I didn't learn this in the course or in both courses."

Content of the online presentation:

- Getting to know the function of the nervous system and attachment behavior

- How can I calm my child in challenging situations

- How children learn to calm themselves down



Desirée Weber

attachment-based family counselor

familylab seminar leader


Through my many years of experience, I have learned to look at children from this perspective. I would like to pass on this valuable knowledge to as many parents and educational professionals as possible.


Held in german!



September 12, 2024 19.00-21.30 hrs


CHF 59.-per person / pairs of parents CHF 100.-




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