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Family Counseling

A secure parent-child bond develops when parents are able to respond sensitively to the child while at the same time paying attention to their own needs. Mutual attunement is a constant and slow process, marked by great joy but also by excessive demands, fear and helplessness.


If we are overwhelmed by our own feelings in addition to those of our children, we cannot meet our children as we would like. Most of the time, we lack important resources, which can affect our family life.


The view from the outside can be helpful when we can no longer find our way. When we are stuck, it is so valuable to face the difficulties together.

We create space for ourselves to develop as parents and gain security. We take time to meet ourselves and our children as we are, strengthening our ability to take care of ourselves.


When we are able to consciously giving space to wishes and needs, 

we become slow, gentle and clear.



Body Psychotherapy

In Prenatal Body Psychotherapy we assume that the earliest imprints are the most fundamental. It matters under what circumstances we were conceived. It matters how the pregnancy went for our mother. Was she comfortable? Was she under pressure? Did she have existential anxieties or psychological problems? How was the relationship between our parents? All these factors form the basis for how we feel, think and act today.


If the conditions for a baby are not optimal, this can lead to attachment and developmental trauma. A large proportion of people have suffered such early trauma, but this does not mean that all people suffer from its consequences. Often very sensitive people are affected by the consequences of trauma.  


Through mindful feeling and sensing, and the classification of these associated feelings and body perceptions, we allow ourselves a new perspective on ourselves. In a safe space, in the presence of the therapist, therapy allows us to have a healing new experience.


Especially as we become parents, it makes sense to look at our earliest imprints and bring them into healing.


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