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Slow Parenting

Time für Yourself

Being a parent pushes us to our limits and beyond. When the stress of parenting seems to overwhelm us, we sometimes endure it for far too long. But we can set out to find a new path. This inevitably leads us inward, to ourselves. 


Our own inner state influences our ability to be there emotionally in contact with our child. In their own way, children succeed in bringing us into contact with this state. When we learn to notice ourselves, take good care of ourselves, and develop an understanding of ourselves, we begin to be the parents we truly desire. We all have the ability to remain loving in moments of stress, it's just that we have usually lost it throughout our lives.


4 x 2 hours of space and time for you.

Breathe deeply. Arrive. Be

Module 1: 

  • Our attachment formation and its influence on our well-being

Attachment behavior and co-regulation


  • Understanding the function of our nervous system

Stress tolerance and self-regulation


  • Getting to know my stress response

Stimulus-response and mindfulness


  • Coping with parental stress and excessive demands

My own childhood and trauma

Module 2: 

  • Strengthening your own boundaries

Anger and boundaries


  • Practicing conflict and reparation

Breakage and repair


  • Understanding my feelings of guilt

Guilt and shame


  • Integrating your own self-care  

Anchors in everyday life

In this course you will find:

  • Time for yourself

  • Inputs on the most important topics in parenthood

  • Time to pause and strengthen your parenthood

  • Space for your development

  • Exercises to regulate the nervous system

  • Exchange and encounter with other parents


Desirée Weber

Mindful Parenting Teacher, Family Counselor



Module 1 : 16.9./ 14.10./ 29.10./ 11.11.2024

18.30-21.00 hrs


Module 2: 12.09. / 17. 10. / 7.11. / 21.11. 2024

18.30-21.00 hrs



320.- per person per module

Pairs of parents 600.- per module

Max. 6 participants






"Pay attention to your insecurities

they are not there to judge you

but to show you where you can still heal."

Dr. Gabor Maté

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