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Relaxation and strengthening exercises for pregnant women.

Riding your emotional waves during pregnancy


Are you pregnant? How wonderful, congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

Honestly, do you feel excited or insecure and anxious? Maybe you can't really accept your baby yet or you're really looking forward to it! Pregnancy often brings with it a wildly mixed cocktail of emotions and that's exactly how it feels for you.


No matter where and how you are in your pregnancy, I recommend that you prepare yourself and your body as early as possible for the upcoming birth journey, both internally and externally.


Pregnancy is an infinitely transformative phase in a woman's life. Your body is creating a new human life without you having to actively contribute anything. What a miracle!


Right now, even if you are still at the beginning of your pregnancy, give yourself SPACE for YOU and your body and how you feel. Time out, relaxation and exercise.


KuYoTraDa stands for Kundalini Yoga and Trance Dance, just like Pipi Longstocking.

Kundalini yoga supports you and your nervous system perfectly during this time of pregnancy. It teaches you to expand your boundaries.

The trance is the state in which you can give birth without pain. The sooner and more often you allow yourself to sink into this space, the easier it will be for you to reach it during the birth.

Dancing teaches your body to move intuitively, which is ideal preparation for birth.



In this course you will learn :


- exercises for your nervous system

- to relax deeply

- connect with your baby

- meditation

- know the state of trance

- surrender your body to the intuitive flow of movement

- breathing exercises

- reconnecting with your body and your feelings

- and most importantly: it brings you into a really high vibrational frequency


This course does not replace a birth preparation course, but is a wonderful addition if you want to prepare for a self-determined birth.



Annina Züst

Kundalini yoga teacher and prenatal body therapist



Friday, 12th January / 19th January / 26th January / 2nd February, 2024

09:00-11.00 a.m.



260.- for 4 course units, max. 6 participants


Registration form:

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