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How to understand what my child needs in difficult situations

For parents and educational professionals of children aged 0-8 years.


For many adults, it is a challenge to recognize what a child needs and to take good care of themselves at the same time,


It is particularly difficult for us to understand the child's needs and act accordingly when their behavior is challenging.


When children cry, are angry or even hit us, we feel anxious or doubt whether we have done everything right, overlooked something or something is wrong with our child.


If we look at the child's behavior from an attachment perspective, we can better recognize what a child needs and when.

If we are able to classify the behavior, then we can learn to give our children what they really need. In most cases, even small changes in dealing with challenging behavior have the effect of easing the situation.



Content of the online presentation:

  • Understanding children's behavior

  • Getting to know the function of the nervous system and attachment behavior

  • How can I calm my child in challenging situations

  • How children learn to calm themselves down



Desirée Weber

attachment-based family counselor

familylab seminar leader


Through my many years of experience, I have learned to look at children from this perspective. I would like to pass on this valuable knowledge to as many parents and educational professionals as possible.



July 18 19.00-21.00 hrs


50.-per person / parents 90.-



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