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Calmness through touch

Learn in 4 x 2 hours how to use craniosacral therapy techniques to provide additional support for your child as they grow. The course includes basic elements of craniosacral therapy and specific techniques for treating children.


4 x 2 hours of space and time for you.

Breathe deeply. Arrive. Be



In this course you will find:


  • Breathing as an aid to self-regulation

  • Technical terms of craniosacral therapy

  • Treatment of the vagus nerve

  • The potential for clear vision

  • An idea for individual solutions



Leonie Wirth

Craniosacral Therapist



28th February / 6th March / 13rd March  /20th March 2024

6.00-8.00 p.m.


260.- per person 4 x 2 hours

Max. 6 participants



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