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The first years of our lives and the experiences we have during this time are formative for the rest of our lives. It is therefore very important that families have time to get to know each other during this sensitive period. Being here and now, emotionally present and well regulated are important conditions for this vulnerable time to grow into a safe ground for all. After all, a secure attachment is an important protective factor for your child's healthy development and resilience, and for us parents as well.

However, when we are tired and exhausted, or when our ability to support ourselves is lost, we feel helpless and often lose our bearings.

At FamilyRoom, we want to be a place of sharing and growth for families with our attachment based offerings.

We want to help you grow together and see the challenges of everyday family life as an opportunity for growth.

We speak english, our offers are in german.

Team FamilyRoom


Desirée Weber

Manager FamilyRoom

Family Counseling

Slow Parenting

Attachment-based Family Counselor

familylab Seminar Leader

Mindful Parenting Teacher

SAFE Mentor

Early Childhood Educator EFZ

Mom of a Daughter (2021)

Almost 15 years ago, my path as an early childhood educator brought me to a deep, inner crisis. What nourishes us and makes us grow, but also what blocks us and makes us doubt ourselves, have led me to fundamental knowledge about our most formative experience, the parent-child connection. We all have more or less pain that we carry from our early childhood. We are all allowed to grow and our own family is a wonderful place to do so. Our children lead us to our most painful wounds, and healing them is a gift we can give back to our children. I accompany you to find your own way of parenting.


Leonie Wirth

Course Leader

Certified Craniosacral Therapist KT with branch certificate


Annina Züst

Course Leader

Prenatal Body Psychotherapy

Prenatal body psychotherapy according to Franz Renggli

Theta Healing with Vera Anja

The Mothers Journey - pregnancy support according to KY 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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